my puppy!

I have the coolest dog ever. He is a 72 pound beagle mix (mixed with what, I’m not sure-probably a great dane or horse) and he is the most HYPER thing you’ve ever seen. I mean, he is somewhat normal on most nights, just laying on my lap while I’m on the couch-as he’s crushing my legs…..but as soon as he hears our neighbor get in at night (with his giant floppy ears) he jumps up so quick and HOWLS all the way to the door and the piercing sound does not end until I’m physically beating my dog and pushing him from the door. If he hears the slightest jingle from another dog’s collar outside he starts barking and all of the hair on his back goes up like a big mow hawk from his head to his tail standing straight up. It’s amazing to watch. Not so amazing to live out everyday of my life, though.

His favorite food is ice. He could be in a coma and as soon as that freezer door opens he would come running. He can catch them in the air but that’s no fun anymore. I put them on the kitchen floor and he plays drunk-hockey-goalie and kicks it all over the floor. Very hilarious. Very wet floor. Oh well.

We got Coop at 6 weeks from a pound in Fort Worth and it’s their policy to neuter the dogs before they leave. Well…I think because he was so small when he got that done it did something to his little…unit…and now it’s super small. Poor little guy. Doesn’t have a big one to go around town flaunting. Well….let me tell you! Even though he doesn’t have a big one he can still pee like a champion! I’m talking like a solid minute every time. You think it’s gross now but let’s give him something to be proud of down there.


Here I am. The blog world will never be the same.