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Paul and Jane…

These are my parents.

They are awesome.

I miss them so bad my heart aches. Seeing that I can’t see them until Christmas I look at this picture everyday. It doesn’t help. I want to be there. I miss….

my dad’s hugs. they are so tight and like a bear and he always pats my back when he hugs me.

my mom’s food. she is the best cook in the world. fried round steak,butternut squash,grits casserole,cherry pie,reuben sandwhiches,fried eggs,porksteaks in mushroom gravy, chex mix with all of those brown things, puppy chow, roast with potatoes and carrots, peanut butter balls,spiral ham, the list goes on for eternity. Everything that she puts on the table is the best. Whatever it is. It’s the best you’ve ever had. She could make you a bologna sandwhich and it would be the most amazing thing you’ve ever had. I don’t know what she does to it, but it’s the best.

I miss the little funny querks about them. I miss that Dad is ticklish in his neck so if he dares come at you and start to tickle you, if you can get to his neck….you win. And that mom is the BEST at playing card games. It uncanny! Every game of Phase 10 or the dice game…mom is always the winner. But…she is always the score keeper so maybe there’s something secret we don’t know about! 🙂

I miss how mom and dad are always mom and dad….but sometimes, they sneak in some PDA and it’s really adorable. Sometimes Dad will start chasing mom around the room and she’ll shriek and run into the bedroom and shut the door. It’s just a little game they play that is so cute.

I miss the smell of the house. I can’t put my finger as to what the concoxion is made up of, but it’s home. I miss it.

I miss how great the house is. The backyard is so beautiful and Dad spends all of his time taking care of his million of plants and the grass….here’s some pics of how proud they are!

And the great thing is that the smiles in these pictures are not out of the ordinary. This is a happy home and a place that is my serenity in a world of chaos.

I miss you mom and dad and I can’t wait to see you at Christmas.



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