Paul and Jane…

These are my parents.

They are awesome.

I miss them so bad my heart aches. Seeing that I can’t see them until Christmas I look at this picture everyday. It doesn’t help. I want to be there. I miss….

my dad’s hugs. they are so tight and like a bear and he always pats my back when he hugs me.

my mom’s food. she is the best cook in the world. fried round steak,butternut squash,grits casserole,cherry pie,reuben sandwhiches,fried eggs,porksteaks in mushroom gravy, chex mix with all of those brown things, puppy chow, roast with potatoes and carrots, peanut butter balls,spiral ham, the list goes on for eternity. Everything that she puts on the table is the best. Whatever it is. It’s the best you’ve ever had. She could make you a bologna sandwhich and it would be the most amazing thing you’ve ever had. I don’t know what she does to it, but it’s the best.

I miss the little funny querks about them. I miss that Dad is ticklish in his neck so if he dares come at you and start to tickle you, if you can get to his neck….you win. And that mom is the BEST at playing card games. It uncanny! Every game of Phase 10 or the dice game…mom is always the winner. But…she is always the score keeper so maybe there’s something secret we don’t know about! ūüôā

I miss how mom and dad are always mom and dad….but sometimes, they sneak in some PDA and it’s really adorable. Sometimes Dad will start chasing mom around the room and she’ll shriek and run into the bedroom and shut the door. It’s just a little game they play that is so cute.

I miss the smell of the house. I can’t put my finger as to what the concoxion is made up of,¬†but it’s home. I miss it.

I miss how¬†great the house is. The backyard is¬†so beautiful and Dad spends all of his time taking care of his million of plants and the grass….here’s some pics of how proud they are!

And the great thing is that the smiles in these pictures are not out of the ordinary. This is a happy home and a place that is my serenity in a world of chaos.

I miss you mom and dad and I can’t wait to see you at Christmas.



That’s right. My sweet pea niece Payton has finally started on her journey through school. What a proud day for Aunt Katey. She was very excited about taking the bus, meeting new friends but she’s so sweet and innocent….she was worried that she’d get in trouble and she didn’t want to. She always wants to be a good girl. Ahhhh…..a chip off the old block. Yeah, no. I couldn’t wait to get to school so I could find new and different ways to drive my teachers crazy and get away with talking. Shocker.

I’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing but for now you can enjoy some pics from my sister.






I am so stinkin’ sad. I was on facebook this morning at work, checking up on everyone and having a grand ol’ time and then I got a horrible message on my screen that stated

‘This is a restricted site. This is a restricted site. This is a restricted site.’

The shreak that followed was epic.

We are moving so I have no internet at my place and we don’t move for another two weeks. So, I’m probably looking at going over a month or so without checking my facebook and that to me is tragic.

I have no more words.


we just signed our lease for our new apartment in Plano. Everyone write down my new address:

2525 Preston Rd. apt. 1121 Plano, TX 75093.

Can’t wait to finally be where the fun is!




I am now a master of cooking the BEST bacon in the world. Please take down these notes and you can impress your family and friends…

1. Get the thick sliced bacon-no hickory flavor-just regular, thick sliced bacon

2. Put your pan on MEDIUM heat. No added butter or oil. Make sure the pan is pre-heated before you lay any bacon on.

3. Constantly flip them. And this will take time seeing that the heat isn’t very high, but it’ll be the best. Dedication on this step will be key.

4. this is the most important step. Continue to drain all of the grease from the pan. You see a little pile up of grease on one end, just tip the pan and scoop that grease out. The pan must continue to stay somewhat ‘dry’ during all parts of the cooking process. This is what makes the bacon so crispy.

5. after you are at the correct brown-ness…pull out and put on paper towel just for a minute. Don’t let it sit there and soak up all of the grease. You don’t want grease during the cooking process but it helps the taste of the bacon at the very end.

Simple, easy, and wonderful. Like I said…I can’t do many things well…but I have MASTERED this bacon thing. Bring on the world.


I am officially hooked on Facebook, thanks to Paige. It’s another thing to play with while I’m at work that our stupid blocker doesn’t catch. It’s great to stick it to the man with FaceBook all day. ūüôā

So, Dan found out that Academy wasn’t required yesterday so he took the day off and so did I. It was great. We went and got the truck inspected because it was the very last day to do it, got lunch, and then went home and swam for a little while in the bright sun. It was an amazing day with my husband and we really did nothing exciting. That’s how you know you’ve been away too long. I take for granted the time I have with him and man! do I miss him. Just to talk to him for an hour, while swimming in the pool and splashing each other, was the best day I’ve had in a very long time. I know we’ve only got 4 more weeks of Academy but if he doesn’t get a job right away, he’ll be working 2:30 to 11pm so I still won’t see him. Very dissappointing. But, I know it’ll be great in a while. I know this is only for a season but it is really hard right now! I feel super lonely and it doesn’t help that I’m still so far away from my friends and church.¬† ūüė¶

I\'m happy just being an awesome Aunt for now


ok. I’m going to address the very personal question that has been haunting me for the past 6 years now.

‘When are you guys having kids?’

And the more frightening question lingers after that in my mind….’do I EVER want kids?’ I don’t really know how to start explaining this forever battle in my mind but I’ll start by saying that I don’t find any fault or see anything wrong with anyone else having kids. Love kids. Love their parents. This is just a personal thing that has absolutely nothing to do with you. It’s me.

here are a few of my random thoughts that might help with my decision:

I think a lot of the pressure I’m feeling¬†is that I’ve been married for almost 6 years and I was¬†20. And if I were going with the flow I should have¬†2.5 kids by now. I feel like I’m doing good just by having a dog.

Having a sister who is 13 years older than¬†me, who has always been someone I’ve looked up to, has the best behaved children in the¬†world and are model kids. Honestly I¬†don’t¬†want to be the daughter in the family who has the hellion kids. I can’t live with that complex. ūüôā

I’m sure everyone already knows this but I had a miscarriage Dec. 20th, 2006. I was devastated that I was pregnant but by the time I had the miscarriage I was getting used to the fact that I was going to be a mom. The whole situation still boggles me-why did God give me something that I didn’t want just to take it away??? ¬†I’ll never understand, but obviously there’s still some issues that I’ve got to release to Jesus. And to the electroshock therapist I’m seeing three times a week.

Another issue is that I look at having¬†kids as life being done. I know most moms would say that isn’t true, but¬†it really is. The focus is not on you and your hopes and¬†dreams anymore. It’s all about your kids. And rightly so. But I’m not ready for that sacrifice of priority. I still want to focus on me and I’m not ready to give that up. And thank goodness I know myself enough that I can see that because I shouldn’t have kids yet¬†if I still feel like I do. Don’t¬† you agree?

So, my¬†thoughts and unknown feelings still linger and that insanely personal question is still floating in the air……waiting on an answer…..